Custom Tuning ???

I have been listening to sound clips of horns, mainly the k5la which i have coming next week, I have found I like the deeper sounding tones better. I have saw where a couple people was saying it is a Canadian tune. Where could I get something like this done. I have looked all over the internet and have not found anyone that does custom tuning. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Canadian tune is higher.
3a and 4a (american) bells have deeper bores which make them lower pitch.
You can create a lower pitched chord by swapping bells.
Replace your 5 bell with a 1L to make a K5LLA (edit).

The guys doing the tuning are usually trying to attain their perfect/intended musical chord.

Ok, thanks for the reply. I know the ones I have listened to on YouTube that was saying Canadian tune sounded to me deeper. I have even seen some with bored bells for sell so I didn’t know what in all tuning one would require.

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Go on the Horn and Whistle board and ask there, they have many people who are experienced with tuning horns.