Custom User Title

Would it be possible for everyone to be able to change their user titles? I can do it on a couple of other forums that I’m on, just wondering. :smiley:

This conductor title is weak… I want Godfather back lol

What fun is that???

I like post count oriented titles. The more you post, the more often your title changes…

Can’t you change yours Lance? lol I know the mods can.

I could, but it was a title given to me by Matt - so I’ll hang onto it.

Word! Work for ur Titles!! lol

Titles need to come more frequently then… unless there is another at 1000? fingers crossed

im sure theres another at 1000

I hope so. lol

hey I like my title “engineer” would like to stick with it if possible!:cool:

dont post… lol jp The conductor probably took over for all of the godfathers, so we are looking at around 500 it would change. you have time or so i think. Im not positive

I want to know the meaning behind the stars tho

A measurement of how baller you are?

Cant be, cuz I be ballin more then you twist…lol

pshhh right. haha I don’t know, I would have said it was how much of a post whore you are. but you have close to a thousand more posts than me. doesnt make sense

Well at least you guys have 4 lol :frowning:

haha i want the red stars!

5 stars is at 3000… i might scale everything up a little though… especially the four star mark…
I think you guys are right about the frequent changing of titles, but if there’s too many no one will know whats going on.

Haha and u have 7 stars!! How many post is 7 stars?? If 3000 is for 5…Wow u pushed the goal up real high!! Time to get to postin now!

you’re an engineer forever… I better not hear you complaining later