CV Boots

I’ve been quoted around $400 to have them replaced on my Maxima. That sounds more expensive than I thought.

Does anyone know if that’s a decent price?

All four?

get a price for the whole cv axle sometimes it come out cheaper to just replace the whole thing and have a new axle than just replacing the boot…

That price is for the 2 front CV axles. 2 places have quoted about the same price for those. How does $400 sound now?

Not bad, I’d go for it. cough cough I’d do it for 149.99 a side, so 300 bucks… but you’re not in Canada…

lol… learn to do it yourself and save a bunch of money… there not that hard, maybe try to tackle em?

I’d bring it to a shop it’s hard to do without a hoist and very easy to bust up a seal if you don’t put it in “just right”.

There was a time I would consider doing it myself but now I’m old & lazy, besides, I don’t have the tools or the patience…lol