Dammit I can't believe I missed this deal


Good deal if you ask me

great deal but somethings fishy if u ask me… look at sellers feedback, and look at winners.

he had that for sale on there a few weeks ago

looks like a scam to me… brand new users…i never buy from

I as well saw that item myself. although something seems unbelieveable,I think some of these people just don’t want to mess around with listing items and have to wait seven days with negative results so they offer them at an obvious loss just to get some quick cash. I would have taken the chance,but already have my set -up the way I want it.:slight_smile:

case in point about 3 weeks ago someone had a K5l for like 680.00 and it lasted 15 minutes at the tops!

I’d bet that the pump is about worn out too. Pretty small pump for such a large tank IMO.

yeah a 280c isn’t a power house by any means. the tank though I don’t believe it to be bigger than maybe five gallon.it’s def not a 19gal.