DBO?? Can you help identify these?

For the Attention of DeeBeeooohhhhhhhhh!

Mate, I know you are better versed than I when it comes to identfying Horns.
Any Idea what these are? My thoughts are they were originally manufactured over here in the UK. I have asked the guy who is selling them for more pics of the back of the Horns, as there is a number on the plate.

Any ideas?:confused:

Looks like a bit of a mix of singles, but they appear like standard K Series Airchimes to me. Could be 1,2 & 3 but the bells should have some numbers on the side to confirm that though. Seems like there’s a couple of single manifolds and debris filters as well, which is kind of cool.

What’s the deal with them Stinky, are you thinking of buying them from someone?

Cheers DBO, appreciated mate.

Someone has them for sale & has asked if I was interested.

There are two bells the same size. I have asked for more photos of the numbers, & will post em up once they get sent to me. The guy said they came from a UK train yard.

If you’re not interested in the #2 bell (if he has one!), tell him I am interested :D:D need one to finish my K3. Hard to find those bells in Europe…

If you’re not interested in the #2 bell (if he has one!), tell him I am interested :D:D need one to finish my K3. Hard to find those bells in Europe…

Ok Flexi, will do.

More pics…any better???:confused:


Looks like the one in the last picture is a #1 bell.

The endcaps are unremarkable in terms of their numbering since they are all the same. The bells should have the number cast into the side. Unfortunately I’m in Europe at the moment so I can’t compare measurements from mine to the pics.

Here are the measurements: https://www.trainhornforums.com/showpost.php?p=45785&postcount=3

I think it’s a #1 bell and two #2 bells…

It looks like you are spot on Flexi! I asked the guy and he said there is a no.1 on the side of one of them & a No.2 on the side of the other two.
I just struck a deal with the guy & I am picking them up later tonight :slight_smile:

So mr.Flex, I’ll work out a price & PM you (once I have tested them to make sure their working!):D:D:D:D

Pete, you’re the man :D:D ill wait for the PM

Omg! I just picked these up! I think have I died & gone to train heaven! The bloke I bought them off works for a company up north that scraps trains, they basically take the cab off and it gets stripped for parts, however the nose cone etc etc often gets put straight in the crusher, often complete with HORNS!!:eek::eek:.
These two number two bells however, are apparently brand new & have just sat on the shelf & were being thrown out to make way for new shelving & storage.

When I met this guy he had a low loader lorry full of Train wheels & dolly’s, I think he called them? ( All the undercarriage that has all the wheels & motors on.)

I asked him if he could get any more Horns like this & he said that he would let me know if & when he had more :D:D:D:D

Well chuffed with them!

Next I need to test them!

Ok, so, the story so far is this, I have since had a good look over these Horns & have found out the following about them.

They are K2 Airchimes made in British Columbia in Canada.

Here’s some interesting stuff I have managed to pull off the internet about them.

The K2H with bells 1 and 2 plays D# and F#, a minor 3rd interval.

Sound clips





Los Angeles-area commuter railroad Metrolink’s Guardian-fleet cab cars have K2H horns using the #2 and 4 bells. The horns are mounted under the floor and behind the pilot to try to direct the sound down the tracks and minimize noise complaints from surrounding neighborhoods.

Some Railpower RP20BD and RP20CD genset locomotives have a K2H mounted in front of the cab in combination with a separate KS2 mounted on the rear of the cab as shown the third photo below.
Not all Railpower gensets use this arrangement; many are fitted with a single K3LAinstead.

The 1975 Nathan Airchime catalog lists the K2H as a “standard 2-tone locomotive whistle as supplied on export locomotives.” Not many have apparently been supplied for use on domestic US locomotives. One early domestic use of the two-chime K-manifold was on Amtrak SDP40F’s, which began to trade their Leslie SL4T horns for K5LA’s when the latter became available in 1975. On the second order of SDP40F’s, the SL4T horn had been split over two manifolds for lower clearance, and the replacement K5LA’s were likewise split, using a standard low profile 3-chime manifold and the K2H 2-chime manifold. Photo courtesy Ed Kaspriske.

The K2H uses K-bells 1 and 2 attached to the sides of a special narrow manifold. This particular horn is fitted with optional screens over the bells to keep debris from fouling the horn.

Brand new from AirChime in Canada, a single-chime K1 horn is $1236
(U.S. dollars). As far as I know, this is more than the cost of an
entire Nathan K5LA. I’ve never seen a Nathan single chime horn get
anywhere near $412 on eBay either, so I think the comparison is valid.

Yes, AirChime produces a superior product in Canada, and it costs a lot
more than the Nathan horns too. Collectors know this too, check out the
final price on eBay item 4548742763. That’s a lot of loons for a
single-chime horn.

I wasn’t going to list my most recent findings on AIRCHIME or this subject tonight but since the K horn topic is so hot right now i will tell everyone what i recently discovered. I have contacts overseas and they buy from Airchime. The diecast quality of the brand new KS2 he sent me that had a tag from AIRCHIME Langley British Columbia was just unbeleivable. Im almost thinking that this horn was produced by someone else or in a different diecast mold. It was just perfect, with no slippy rush grinding marks or gaping seams or holes that’s on all todays horns that need ground off etc, and the machine work behind the backcap is just as nice. Nothing like what we are getting here in the states today from Nathan… that’s for sure. Could it be they are producing a better quality product for the over sea’s market? Probably ! … i now have the proof they are and can still make a decent quality horn.

Here’s a couple of cheeky pics of the Horns in situ:D

Where abouts are you in Europe mate? And what are you up to? Are you on holiday?

Yup, holidays - been touring around Germany. Started in Zurich then worked my way north. At the Baltic Sea for a few more days before starting the trek back home.

Face the channel and give us a blast :smiley:

You should pop over here mate & say hello! I fitted the Shockers on the Smart car today so I could come pick you up lol (wiring them up tomorrow)

Have a good holiday my friend;)

Cheers Stinky. Alas, there’s never enough time to tour Europe. Visiting the Kingdom will have to wait for now but I’ll definitely let you know when I’m in the UK next time round.

Cool beans mate, enjoy your hols and stay safe mate.