How many decibels do Nathan k3s put out running at 150 psi then at 200psi?

i think at 150 psi there about 153

Damn that’s it?

^^^ haha your mind has been polluted with internet advertising. There are a few companies out there selling cheap horns and claim 150-170+ db. It is absolutely laughable. The only way to get that reading is to shove the microphone up the horn’s a$$. All for a number for marketing.

The one Nathan chart I’ve seen has the readings taken at 100 feet. And the pressure in the manifold while the horn is blowing is only 80-90 psi.

K5 at 100 ft 140psi is 105 decibel

Why have I got in my head somewhere that K5’s are 156dB & shockers 152dB???:confused:

Like civil defense sirens, train horns are officially measured at distances of 100 feet. Running your train horns at 200 psi is dangerous and will damage the diaphragms and won’t really improve the sound level. Stick with 140 or less.