Decisions Decisions

Hi as you can see I am new here but I have been lurking for a while now. My name is Jeff and I have an 01 Suburban that is in dire need of a train horn.

I am hoping some of you could chime in here and help me make a tough decision.

I have the chance to buy a Nathan P5, two viair 480s, graham white valve and a 10 gallon tank for about $1300


Should I just buy the Hornblasters kit?

Of course the Hornblasters kit comes with everything I need but only has one compressor and a 5 gallon tank and as far as i can tell an electronic valve. With the other deal I would still need to purchase a few items. So what would YOU do if you had to decide.

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You could get a horn off ebay and the entire air package from Hornblasters for not much more. That’s what I would do & everything would be new.

Try to buy the horn by itself from the guy.

He wants $700 for the horn plus like $50 to ship it. They are $950 new. The price was the only reason I was eve looking at the P5. I kinda been wanting to get the K3LA.

Does that seem like a decent price for a freshly rebuilt horn thats been powder coated?

Probably not too bad for a powdercoated 5 chime.

Hornblasters has a K3 kit and a P5 kit for just a little more money. So it depends on what kind of shape everything is in - and if you really want new or used.

welcome. I can’t add anything that ear2ear didn’t already cover.

Well how bout this…P5 for $700 or K3 for $600

You can get a k3 for couple hundred less for sure.

If you’re going to bite the bullet & get a Nathan, you should figure out which one you want for sure and then go from there. Listen to sound clips & see what available space (and money) you have to help your decision. A P5 sounds quite different from a K3.

Agreed, I chose the P series horns because I like the way the sound not because of how loud they are. Old cast P horns sound even better than the newer ones (in my opinion) but are harder to find and more expensive.

The P series horns also use less air than the K series and are a bit easier to maintain. I have an old cast P3 (says Pat. Pending rather than Pat. Pend.) and love the sound. If you’re getting your horn from Tommy Akers then you’re getting quality and worth the $$. I’d say get the nathan’s unless you’re not too particular on the sound.

$1300 for that set up is a reasonable price.