Ok here’s the story I work for a small business of 3 employees, business is dead absolutely dead. Now options we are making flyers and signs. But we think why no one is coming is the name “CitiCarb” people probably don’t know we do more then carbs. So possibly a change of name is in order I can’t think of a thing… BTW we are a full service garage we do everything but alignments, tire balancing and major transmission / motor work (rebuilds).

Any ideas for a new name?

Any suggestions are welcome!


“3 guys garage”
“carb pro’s & more”
" carb express for less "

“Patrick’s Garage”

“(your last name)'s Garage”

I always liked the places that are named after the owner for some reason. I’d go with the above suggestion.

I do also like the last name option.

The only auto shop I went to is “Strong’s Auto” owned by Jack Strong.
My only tire shop is “Aline’s Regal Tire & Auto”. They are/were family businesses which to me means they want to make you happy so you come back. Just my $0.02 :smiley:

The only other shop I go to is “Supreme Auto”, and my car wash is called “Calypso Car Wash” so you can go with “Calypso Car Care” or Calypso Complete Car Care".

I will just spitball a few ideas coming to mind…

-Great Garage
-That Guy’s Garage
-That Auto Shop
-The Auto Place
-The Auto Repair Place
-One Stop Repair Shop
-Complete Automotive
-All Car Care

My personal favorite is “That Guy’s Garage”. It’s fun, easy to remember and could also make some people think about “That Guy” pictures on the Web.

If I think of more I will return, but good luck with the business. :smiley:

Or combine any two of the above…

Maybe “That Guy’s Repair Shop”. I like it.

^ like this one -One Stop Repair Shop-

Canada Car Care?