Did I find a good deal? K5LA

What do you guys think?


$600 shipped, did I do good?

Oh yeah, you did good :slight_smile:


Good! Should be here tomorrow. I’ll rip it apart, repack all the hardware and powder coat the unit!

This thread will be useless without pics!


So I got the horn today, took the bells off the manifold. Found something perculiar…2 #5 bells and no 4a! Urgh, kinda sucks, but I’m not sure how this would sound.

That could be why the price was lower. The prices for used horns have been blown out of proportion recently.

Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot you can do except put one of the 5 bells on eBay or something. I’ve heard plenty of K5LA’s with a dead 4A bell, and they’re pretty nasty. Two 5 bells will make the horn sound like it’s squealing as well. You could put a piece of tough gasket material in one of the 5 bells to prevent it from sounding, but as said the horn still won’t sound very good without the 4A.

If you care about how the horn sounds, then you’ll have to be quite careful as K bell tuning has changed several times over the years. Do all the bells on your horn have the raised “AIRCHIME” logo on the side? You can even post a recording, and I should be able to tell ya what notes your horn is playing. What I can tell you right now though is it won’t sound good.

CN, I’ll take a look tonight to see if they all have the raised lettering. Thanks for the heads up!! I suppose my project will again be delayed!! :smiley:

Raised Letter 4A bell. Jump on it quick if you want it.