Differences within the K3 series

Can someone knowledgeable please spell out the differences within this series of horns?

I understand a K3LA vs. A K3H with the low manifold vs high manifold… but what are the exact differences between K3HA and K3H in terms of bells and sound?

I know it has something to do with the bell numbers… I think a normal K3HA has bells #1, #2, and #3… but a K3H has bells #1,#2,#4/4a ?

Thanks to anyone who clears this up for me

actually i think i just found the differences… tell me if I have this correct.

A K3L/K3H is a canadian tuned version with bells 1,2,3 where as the K3LA/K3HA is an american tuned version with bells 1,2,4(a) which has a slightly deeper tone to it?


so they are tuned a bit differently… does this make the canadian sound higher or lower than the american?

Canadian is a mellow sound compared to the A. Personally it sounds better. Thats why I have a K5A, and a K5 on my car. K5A to scare, K5 to run thru the woods listening to the echos. All ten to mortify people.

Canadian K3 is slightly deeper. 3 bell is longer than a 4a so it would be a deeper chord.

Where are you guys finding the Canadian horns?


In Canada? lol no jk… they pop up on Ebay sometimes. The older true Canadian K horns will have Made In Canada on the back caps as well as a few other “Canada only” features, such as a Burnett or Holden tag.

Really, all that makes a K3 a Canadian K3 is the 1, 2, and 3 bells vs the 1,2 and 4a chord.

So you could simply swap the 4a bell for a 3 bell and have a K3 … just not a true K3, right?


Its a true k3l with those bells. I have a old sand cast k3l made in canada coming my way shortly.

if only i were so fortunate :smiley: thanks for the input

thanks for clearing that up

I like the pretty much all of the canadian tunes. I Like the J-3 too.

i actually just ordered a k3l from farmer last sunday. im from canada so i had to order 1 haha!