Difficulty of Installation.

I was wondering how difficult the overall install of the horns are. I was thinking about getting the HornBlasters Shocker S4 Train Horn Kit, and im just worried im not exactly qualified for the install.

Is everything laid out in the plans/diagrams simply or do I need some type of electric experience? Just curious before I invest in harassing people.

you should be able to install them with some basic electrical/ hardware knowldge and some creativity on finding a mounting location for the horns

what kind of car are they going to be installed in?

GMC Sierra

you can get some ideas from looking at some of the installs on truck here http://www.hornblasters.com/installs/class/?train_horns_on_trucks the wireing part is pretty simple if you follow the directions and the airline is just simple compresson fittings

I got that shocker kit as well. The hardest part was finding an ignition wire. Ended up just putting it straight to the battery with a switch in between. That and figuring out where to put the horns (honda accord= not a ton of room). you wont have that problem bc of it being a truck. Other than that its pretty simple.

Sounds good, thanks for the help and ill hopefully be placing an order soon.

u should be fine installin it… and if u have any questions u just post them on here…


theres my install on my 06 silverado. probably very similar to your’s depending on the year of course. lemme know if u have any questions on grill removal or anything,

where did you get the grip for your horn button?

bought it from autozone. actually i had to special order it in thru them, i ordered a bunch and sold em on ebay for this purpose…

its made by pilot model PL-SW19

i like that… i may have to get me one…lol
how much they cost?

i’d have that honker hangin like a cb mic lol

I want a train engineers hat lol. That would be sweet

i would actually just make that button wireless… lol

so autozone is where the terrorist get the trigger for their suicide bombs eh?

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it was like $12 ea. when i got it… but that was because i bought like 6 at a time to sell em… i would search ebay or google, could prob find them online