Direct Drive Air Compressors

I purchased a “PsychoBlasters V2 Electric Air Horn” kit from HB and installed it in my 2009 Hyundai Sonata yesterday afternoon. I installed the horn on a video game arcade button mounted on my dash, with a kill switch out of sight. I also left the stock horn alone.

Today, a day later I’m wanting more. My stock horn is louder than a normal compact car horn and in comparison to what I just installed, the new horns are not much louder… they just have a better tone.

I must say, I did realize it wasn’t going to be a “train horn”, but I thought it should be a little louder than it is.

So here are my questions:
[li]What is the PSI of these Direct Drive Compressors?
[/li][li]What are the horns on this kit rated for in PSI?
[/li][li]Would I be better off adding another 12 volt compressor to these lines to increase the PSI?
[/li][li]Or, would I be better off just running a full additional set next to these I already installed?

My goal is to of course buy a full train horn kit down the road, I’m just trying to have some fun-on-the-cheap while I save up.

I found a 12 volt Direct Drive Compressor for sell on eBay and it said the PSI was 14. So I figure if I take two of those and run them to a coupling to force the two compressors into one line before the trumpets, it would possibly make them louder.

Again, another option would just be more horns. So I’m just trying to find out what you guys think about my options at this stage.

I’m new to all of this so I’m just asking to gain knowledge. For all I know my theories about it all could be completely wrong.

I look forward to your replies.

  • Brian

You want a compressor or multiple compressors that will go to at least 150 PSI. I will always recommend an Oasis XD3000 compressor because I’m biased. These guys know it and usually won’t let me forget it…hahaha They’ll say the smaller compressors are good enough but I say why not get 1 compressor that delivers 5 times more air and lasts 5 times longer giving you 25 times more work during its lifespan.

Most horns are loud enough and sound good when run around 125 PSI. To run horns at a higher pressure will make them louder but distort their sound. The Shockers are ok to get started but you’ll want Nathans or Leslies in the future.

Thanks for the info.
Those look nice, but a bit out of my price range for this setup.

I’m trying to “scratch an itch” while saving up for a nice “real train horn” setup. Right now I just want loud @$$ air horns, nothing special really.

Like I said before I have a the PsychoBlasters V2 Electric Air Horn kit, purchased from HB. They work fine, just are not loud enough.

The PSI for that compressor that came in the kit (I believe) is only around 14psi. I found another kit online where there were two of those lined in to one line with a coupler.

So while I’d like to really get them maxed out, I need to do it on the cheap (the real-cheap)…

So I wonder, if I added one more trumpet and two more of those little 14psi compressors, basically one for each… if at the end of the day I would still be unhappy.

Again, I don’t expect “train horns” from my setup right now, but I want it about 2-3 times louder than my stock horn. Right now it’s about the same (just with better tone).

Any thoughts? (from anyone)

I’m also wondering about ditching these little 14psi compressors for some “make shift” 100+ psi compressor found online somewhere. Something in the $100 or less range. (knowing that it would not hold up for forever)

Again, I’m just trying to play for a little while until I can step it up.

I’m looking for any advice at this point. Even if that is “you are way off base and those ideas won’t work”… at least I know I need to go another direction.


  • Brian

What I did on the cheap sound is not that bad. Try to guess how I got 180 p.s.i it might shock you I was.

To me they seem like a real loud stock horn, but I honestly don’t have any experience with the direct drive horns. Just going off of Youtube videos…

If you have the itch to get to the next level, you’ll probably need an air tank and a compressor. There are inexpensive ways to ‘rig’ something together, but you’ll end up spending a lot more in the long run. Maybe save for a while and get some Shockers…or even the Rocker kit.

I agree with E2E. If you want loud, save up… get Shockers - Done.

If you keep having to buy various bits to improve on smaller stuff you probably won’t save anything in the long run.

Crap, I just looked at the date on the OP.

Dang. I normally check check that too. Oh well…