Direction your horns are facing?

Noticed alot of you have them in the rear of vehicle facing the rear… and some in the front.
any real reasons to this?


I have mine facing the front. because the ones I want to honk at are at the front. :smiley:

others have them facing rear so debris wont get into the horns. or they honk at tailgaters.

You’ll see quite a few face them down in front of the radiator.

yeah i have abundance of room on the G20 van. its nice…
pull the grille and i can mount whatever on the radiator support/core put the grille on and all you might see is hoses thats if i do sloppy work haha

Pretty sure i’d mount my tank underneath cady corner from my spare tank and have the comressor mounted in the cab and just route through the floor… cause who cares if the tank gets dirty? im more concerned with the comressor getting dirty…

the only reason i came up with was most people have the comp and tank in the rear so theyd just put there horns there so it was less air hose to plumb through the system.

Thanks for the help guys

Got mine facing the driver’s side in where the spare went in my truck. Just as loud on the passenger side of the truck though. Love it!!

Got mine facing every way. Why? Only way to fit all of them.

yeah looking at that is crazy man.
So are you just running a downpipe and thats it? cause i know two of the bells are occupying the stock exhaust exit’s haha.

Mine are facing the passenger side of the truck.

Mine are facing both ways, Check sig. If I get A tailgater they get it just as good as if an idiot cuts me off.:smiley:

These horn are unidirectional for the most part. So it really doesn’t matter which way they are facing, they will be loud regardless.

Ditto what avfrog said. They’ll be loud enough it won’t matter which way they are facing. Technically sure they’ll be louder in the direction they’re facing, but believe me they’ll hear it from behind the horns too! Go with the spot that has the best room for them and what requires the amount of time and energy you are willing to put into the install.