Dirtbike wheelie video that I made.


Please comment and tell me what you think . Its my first.

very nice bro u the one making the vid right? no the one in the bike?

good vid bro

awesome vid man
i love doing wheelies they are so much fun
can you do the circle ones
i want to learn sooo bad but they are FREAKIN hard
ive tried but this is what it lookes like
^^too bad but its not me

nice video…never really rode a dirt bike…guess i got to invest in one of them…any suggestions for a good starter bike…

Im the one standing up on the seat, and I put the video together. The guy on the video at the end on the big brute force 750 filmed it.

Yea I cant do a circle wheelie yet ,I did just put a wheelie bar on my bike ,but have not used it much.

For a good starter bike …I dont know if you should ever get a starter bike. unless you have a good amount of money. all I have is a CRF150F which is a honda,its way to small for me now since im used to it . But I weigh 135 and about 5’ 7 and a CRF250 is what I need. that would be a bike to stick with you for a while. I dont think youll get bored of it quick . But theres alot you have to learn about before you go and buy one. Theres also 2 stroke and four stroke bikes . BIG difference. But go with a four stroke 250 of choice.

yz250f ftw

ah maybe i can steal one for you??

nice wheelies!! now get out on a track and see what you got!

I need a better bike I would be jumpin all day but my front forks leak really bad . I need a CRF 250F. That bike is bad donkey

HONDA FTW! throw some seals in that thing man! and get a race bike pronto!

I know I know. I have to get my horns back online too. I need a compressor, . do you have a bike?

sure do!

I seems like you were waiting on that Question . Dude that looks great. is it a 125 or 250

02 250 gonna ride it a couple more years then get a honda 450… fuel injected!

yea those are a beast but so damn expensive . the 450 at least . how many times did you rebuild the 250? you dont want a bigger 2 stroke? like a KTM.

ive rebuilt it twice. my bike is a freak though, ive never HAD to put a spark plug in it… i have replaced them but never had to… ive had it since 03 and i have put 4 plugs in it… i loike my bike, its fine for now i beat a lot of four strokes on it… its definitely fast enough, but the 450 honda will be coming my way shortly… i can rebuild those motors and stuff too so im not to worried about that

I never worked on a 2 stroke , would love to learn but I just want something that I can crank up and ride when I want to and ride down to a gas station and be able to just fill up and not mix oil. so four strokes are my friend. Have you ever rode a CRF 250 with dual exaust?