Disassembling K3LA

Can you Disassemble a Nathan K3LA and install the different Trumpets in different spots?
I have the S4 kit and am dying to upgrade but not enough space.

i have that same problem i want a k3la but i don’t have enough space so ^ my question too!

of course, only problem is finding a way to mount airline to each bell, as you need to make your own little manifolds

i would mount them to the transfer case skid so could i just drill a hole where the inlet is and put a seperate solinoid to each one and wire them all to one switch
what size line should i use to get the best sound

1/4" ID to every bell would work great with a senenoid per bell :cool:

ok i just have one more idea could i mount the manafold with 2 horns on that and run a 1/4 air line from the manafold to the last horn about 6 inches away
thanks alot

No reason you can’t, as long as they get their air the horns don’t care lol

nicee i think i will get a k3 soon i got one more question bro i have to use a “Manual Hand Valve” with the k3 or just can i use a button

i am going to use a solioid but you can use either one you want

and adas thanks so much man i really appreciate it
i just have one more question and ill leave you alone lol
does each seperate horn have threads on it that i can screw a fitting into or do i have to do something else to get air to it

negative dont drill into the bells it will mess up the sound from the bells…will be forever out of tune

so they do have to stay on their manafold?

That’s the only problem with it right there. That’s the only hard part, if you are willing to mod your k3, you could drill a 1/4" hole into the bottom side of each bell and then tap eachone then install a barb fitting. as long as you don’t drill the hole through the length of the airhole, tuning should not be changed. And, later if you wanted to sell, or put on a manifold, just take the barbs out and it’ll be like nothing happened.

hb tx is talking about when you drill all the way through the air hole to get more airflow in there, simply drilling in on one side, tapping to mount won’t change tuning much, if any IMO unless the rest of the hole would be drilled out.

instead of drilling a hole in the bell itself i am going to make a bracket with a seperate hose and solenoid on one horn kind of like what this guy did
thanks for your help

I wouldn’t buy a complete K3 then… be a waste of money to buy one with a manifold too if you aren’t gonna use it… I’d try to be just 3 bells.

well acually i am going to keep two horns on the manafold and run a 1/4" ID air line from the manafold to the third horn

that will work right and will there be any delay from the first two horns to the third one??

It will work, sure, but whatever bell is not on the manifold will be the last to sound. If you do that, be sure to keep that line short as possible. The hole on the manifold is a little bigger than 1/4 inch too. Not too sure off hand of the exact diameter.

yeah but it would be at most 6 inches so i dont think it will be like a long delay right

trust me when air is coming out that hard and fast… i would believe there would be a difference?

well im just going to get them and hope i can find a place
now i just have to get the money lol

ive looked a little bit but how much do yall think a good used set would be

lol make sure u weld better then that guy did,