Do Parts Exist?

I looked several years ago for gaskets, diaphragm, rubber nozzle / spring when I redid my Nathan P3’s. Back then I was only able to locate diaphragms and gaskets but could not find rubber nozzle and spring. So I reassembled tested and they worked fine. Now I am trying to help a friend who is rebuilding the same set of horns as mine. However, 2 of his rubber nozzles that have the springs around them are dry rotted and split in half. Where can I find the illusive rubber nozzles at? Who sells them? Or is there another part of some type that shares this same rubber o-ring that can crossover? Just curious of where to find this super illusive part? I am seriously starting to think it would be easier to find bigfoot! LOL

3 min into this video is the part I am talking about.

Thanks in advance

Have you tried contacting Microprecision direct to see if they can steer you towards a parts supplier?

I’d also contact HB to see if they can get the bits, or try Luke from RTH.
Failing that, maybe try the Horn & Whistle board - I’m sure someone there will have some.

Thanks for the reply DBO! I looked on Microprecision website and did not see parts. I’ll give them a call. My friend already talked to Luke I believe and Luke told him it maybe a week or so before he’d have some. I checked with HB a while back and they did not carry them. So now I guess I’ll head over to Horn & Whistle board.

Thanks again

MP sells P-rebuild kits for each bell. Kit consists of new diaphragm, new garter spring, new rubber diaphragm seat, and both thick and thin gaskets.

For your knowledge, the ‘nozzle’ of a horn is the air space between the diaphragm seat and the throat of the horn. The rubber item you’re talking about, held onto the horn with the garter spring, is the seat. The seat opens into the nozzle of the horn.

I too need rebuild kits for my P3, single diaphragm (new cast).
Email sent to MP.

Problem with MP is they’re not very horn enthusiast friendly. If your luck doesn’t work there, try Tom Aker. He sells a lot of parts for horns, bells and stuff.

His email should be: