Does anyone know where to get a cheap P.A system?

Does anyone know where to get a used whelen from an old ambulance or something?
I want to get a 100w whelen with the p.a. I don’t really care if it has a siren on it, because I’ll just get in trouble with it, but I would like to have the air horn. Any liquidator or discounter websites? thanks.

p.s., it doesn’t have to be whelen; anything decently loud (70+ w) is a keeper in my book.

get a cobra cb, and find a speaker somewhere

  • an amp

craigslist? lol

Good call :smiley:

I ususlly lurk around that site, but I can never find any sirens. Ill just keep looking. Thanks

I did, I got my Federal signal PA300 for 40 bucks.

i am getting a whelen PAP112 Air Horn And PA System with a Whelen 100W Speaker i don’t want the sirens they are much truble and expensive tickets!

HUH??? that site says police auction?? How does that work then?? why is that?

i have the cb and a 100 watt whelen speaker… sounds just fine…not as loud as the whelen but definitely effective

I can’t wait to get my pa system bro! Gonna have so much fun with it lol

The popo take criminal property and auction it off while they’re in jail.

It’s funny how many scales are for sale on there :smiley:

Oh look at you with your nice new Avatar!!! ha ha

Me thinks a PA is next on the cards for me!!!

yep new pic’s! The pa system is so fun!!! I need to get a vid of my pa system

Like sometime soon? lol lol:p

hes got a vid he posted up on the forums!!!

check the vid section stinky!!