Does anyone make a 150/200 pressure switch?

The only ones I’ve found come on at 165.

This is the Nason CD-1B4-150J/WLVT187 100 to 250 p.s.i. adjustable pressure switch I used. According to the linked data sheet, this is a 100 - 400 p.s.i. adjustable switch w/ a ¼" NPT male connection, normally closed contacts, adjustable rising setpoint, 18" wire leads, Viton 514 AD diaphragm, w/ a slotted head, instead of Allen head, adjustment lock screw.

The NEMA rating on this pressure switch is NEMA Type 4 and NEMA Type 13, w/ some protection from water and dust.
The specification sheet lists a 10-20% setpoint to restart point differential hysteresis.

That’s the pressure switch we carry. Its highest shutoff pressure should be limited to 200 psi unless the aluminum ring just above the brass hex is removed.

I think I’m running the 175/145 switch:

Works like a champ, no issues in 5 years!