Does anyone use the air compressor that they sell at real train horns?

I don’t know what for air compressor it is. But I do remember getting a price about $800-$1000 a few months back. Anyway I don’t know what for CFM it is and was wondering if anyone has used one and how well it works? I don’t have a picture other then going to there site. If this is wrong on this site please forgive me and delete my thread.

Air Compressor

Yes, it looks like they use Viair electric air compressors over at that website. That brand is also very popular on these forums…Oasis, Viair and Air Zenith compressors are talked about often here, even engine driven compressors!

Look at that page and you can see it right by the truck on the left side. It is belt driven.

Look on there site it has a belt drive. It’s right in the picture.

You mean the electric motor driven compressor in the picture banner at the top of the page?


Yes Kris

That’s a custom compressor, see the 2 cylinders? Someone “borrowed” it from a garage sized shop rig and built that.


this is not a homemade or custom design. it is actually called DCVOLTAIR.
http://www.*************/product-p/com-voltair.htm here are the specs on it…


Now that I found them cheaper has anyone ever used one and what they think about?

have used them as a test from a business partner they fair OK…

If they fair ok what do you suggest then?

I couldn’t see anything from your link so is it this one? -

I think they’re somewhat equivalent to dual Viairs in size, current draw, and performance. They’re oil lubricated and have to mounted upright and their height makes that difficult unless you have a truck. They are popular in agriculture.

Can you tell me the difference between the Oasis 3,000 and 4,000? Also with them guys that run Diesels do they ever add an extra alternator or the factory 200 amp alternator with 2 batteries deliveries enough power I shouldn’t have any problems?

The main diference between the XD3000 & XD4000 is duty cycle. They have the same max pressure & virtually the same current draw and they deliver the same CFM. They fill 5 gallons from 0 to 150 psi in 55 seconds.

Duty cycle is based on the first hour of operation and most companies use that spec. The XD3000 is 100% @ 100 psi @ 72F for the first hour but then needs about 30 minutes to cool. In most cases its overall duty cycle is about 60% up to 40 minutes continuously with 20 to 30 minutes to cool. The XD4000 is continuous @ 200 psi @ no more than 85F.