Does painting or bead blasting change tone.

I read somewhere a while back that painting or sand blasting the bells will change the tone on it. I am sure that it probably does a little bit but was wondering if anyone had any experience with this. I have always cleaned all of the paint from any horns that I buy and like the bare aluminum look.

Only thing I’ve heard is that a thick coat of paint down in the throat can affect the tone.

Only thing that will effect them is if you get paint on the noozle. Basically dont paint inside any area that the diaphragms touch. Best thing is to not paint inside the kettle area. Otherwise have a ball and paint away.

Soda blast them and leave them bare.

^ They get really rough looking bare. Paint them and protect them! Use a self etching primer if your going rattle can. Powder coat is the most durable.

What I did with all my horns is soda blast them polished them a little then I did a clear coat on them.