Does viair pressure switch/relays include low volt cut out?

Well pretty much as above I’m hoping to wire my compressors permently in (will still have a switch to isolate them) as I hate starting the car up after a week or 2 working away and the compressors kick straight in.

Now before I get flamed.
My car is a 2.7 petrol hillux but i have a 4wd size battery (n70zz)
The 2 compressors pull 40amps MAX total.
My battery is arround 100a/h capacity meaning I could run the compressors for 2.5hrs at there max load before I have fully drained it.

If they have no low voltage cut off I’ll just use a smart dual battery controller which is designed to turn off fridges and other acc at arround 10.5v so u can start the car out bush.

I may even look at installing a 2nd battery down the track.

I would go either with a smart dual battery controller. would not wanna try and start the car and all of a sudden (Dead Battery). I really would not Recommend this as it can damage the Electro Magnetic motors in the Vi-air Compressors causing pre mature failure. worth a shot though :slight_smile:

Hey there Gros21. I’ve got my setup in the Vitara wired like that. Repeatman is right though - watch out for cheapo versions of battery savers; some are not rated to carry the amperage load the compressors can generate.

I used an ABR Sidewinder isolator switch. They’re rated to 140A (400A surge) which is plenty to drive dual compressors if you need to. He’s Brisbane based but only does mail order anyway and gear is always good.

The Oasis compressor includes the low voltage cutout integrated into the compressor.