Does your leader hose off your compressor leak when touched too?

the stainless steel braided leader line leaks air the moment it is touched or slightly moved up by the end by the compressor… is this supposed to do this? has been doing this since day 1… believe this is why my system doesnt stay pressurized … and the air valve thing to empty the tank… the thing to actually turn it broke off the 1st time i went to twist it with my hand… come on … im not THAT strong!

need new leader hose happened to mine… time for oasis compressors…

Its done it since day one… thought its new? they go bad that fast, before you use theM? lol

If you have a leaking leader hose, and its on a VIAIR compressor that is less than one year old - email me a copy of your original purchase receipt and I will replace the hose for you. - email address

umm… i dont think i have the original paperwork from the horn… i ordered over the phone and dont think i had any sent with the kit… i can show you the charge on my credit card… or could call hornblasters and see if the could re send and invoice for it… i ordered the 540XL kit less than a month ago… let me know what would work better… calling them for invoice or cc statement… thanks a bunch!

Only a copy of the original receipt showing the purchase of a VIAIR compressor less than one year from the date of request is sufficient for a replacement. You may request a copy of your receipt from the Distributor you purchased your equipment from.

if u got them from hornblasters call them they will email you a copy…