doing a Halloween scare Video Contest this year

I read on an old forum that Hornblasters did a Halloween scare video Contest. Are you guys gonna do it this year? I would like to enter. Already got some scare videos under my belt.

I dont think it really took off last year, i hope they do something becuase i would try to make one lol

yeah me to… however I think Repeatman may win as his is always out and about scaring the s**t out of people lol lol I’d hate to live in his town lol I scare myself more than I do others (when I hit the Horn remote in my pocket by mistake lol):smiley:

Last sunday, there were a bunch of kids walking at the front of our house who just finished trick or treating. I was in the garage fixing my car and thought I’d wake them up a bit. :smiley:

A honk and then heard lots of screams and others were looking for a huge truck inside a village. fun times. I wish I had a video

I set up a haunted garage and parked my truck right next to my garage. When kids/parents walked up I would hit the horn thru my remote. Then I would scare them inside the garage. Pretty good setup, so baddonkey that about 25% of the peeps didnt even enter the garage after the train horn. The only thing i forgot was to record it. Next year im gonna do the same setup and record then post it.