Donations for a new Air Kit and S4's...


i called and they finally told me it was a TOTAL LOSS…get to start all over again:(

Sorry about your car dude tahts really bad. What did your insurance company says? wich one do u have?

not alot, called my bank told them what they are giving to them and wanted the release of Lien faxed to him, and siad to drop off my keys and title when my local agent gets the packet with stuff i have to sign

well on my policy i have my horns and air covered under accessories so :):wink:

technically it is covered but becuz the truck had a loan/lien they are giving it to the bank as one big check, and i wont see it

well i dont care where my truck was id be taking everything off it… that was still good…

well it was stolen and never found so how would you take the stuff off it if the truck was never recovered

im guessin u owed more on ur truck then what it was worth huh?

if you own a ram and you still owe on it chances are that you owe more that whats its worth… i know ive gone to trade mine in and they are so low in price its ridiculous ooo welll though! its almost paid for now!

yea, i owed more but according to them it didnt matter becuz of the lien…thwy would still send the check to the bank becuz that is thier DUTY as they called it and then i have to fight with the bank on the money…But i did have GAP and thats what pissed me off the most about the whole thing

time to buy a chevy i guess…

duramax diesel!!!

my ford has this satelite thing that if my car gets stolen i call at this number and they can see where it is and can stop it. It came with the car and i activate it with my insurance company (Allstate) i pay 12 dollars for that service every three month not bad

well at the moment i dunno what to get becuz im waiting to go back to work so i cant take out a loan and with insurance not giving me anything i may jsut end up with a 96 saturn sc1 becuz the price is right and trade it in when i get what i want and can afford it but thats about all I’ll be able to afford for now after all this BS with the insurance but my main choice once i get back on my feet will be…

Chevy or GMC 1500 ext. cab/crew cab any maybe 4wd if price is decent


97+ Jeep Wrangler!