Don't know where to mount outlaw in my Honda hybrid

I have a Honda CRZ, I bought the outlaw horn kit without checking to see where I could mount it.

I figured there would be enough clearance behind the crash bar behind the bumper, but I’m just short an inch. I can’t mount the horn under the car and mounting it on the exterior of the body is not an option I’m willing to take.

So I my question is would I be able to safely remove one of the three horns on the outlaw and have it still sound decent?

Many thanks!

Welcome to the forum. I’ve seen pics with them mounted all over the vehicle so they could be hidden.

Have you asked HB? … I’m assuming you’ve bought the kit through them.
If there’s a way to mount them onto another connection separately they will know. Alternatively, trade them for a Shocker or Rocker set perhaps.

This is your best option… better horns and better mounting abilities :slight_smile: