Don't Vote

whooo I can vote now.

Good video. I just sent my absentee ballot request today

Seriously I will not vote for Obama watch up on these vids they might change your mind. And this stuff is all facts its not some kind of conspiracy bs its real watch this poop lol.

how can u even believe anything that comes from fox… fk fox… their not even a real news publication…i cant stand watchin anything from fox…their soo biasis… always one sided…
how the hell can they call a fist jab terriostic?!?! they make poop up! fu
k them… fuuuu*ck them!

fox news says they’re fair & unbalanced but they obviously lean to the right, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

my problem with Obama’s tax plan is the trickle down theory. It may take awhile for tax breaks and incentives to trickle down but what happens when you tax the rich. they pass it on to us anyway and the costs of goods will skyrocket in no time.

so who’s going to pay his taxes? we are!

the other news channels are worse because they lean (extremely) to the left. you have to watch both and form your own opinion.

what we really need is a good libertarian who’ll cut our government down to half its size or less.

AAron , I can’t believe that you are falling for anything Hannity has to say! he’s a failed contractor turned radio & tv right wing biggot.He is without a mark for the republican party.back when bush started messin up poop he would stick up for the he’s jumped on the McBush band wagon.myself I will & have donated funds to the obama campaign.after 8 yrs of b/s from the repubs it will take 4-8 yrs to straighten out what the repubs screwed up.only reason hannity wants Mc bush is cause he won’t tax shauns over 250k income from being a star on hannity & combs.:smiley:

but Obama’s tax plan is socialistic and our country needs to stop going in that direction.

lol both candidates suck imo. there isnt much we can do about it other than vote for who we believe will do a better job

danh the only ones that fear this socialism as you call it are the big $$ people you must fall in that category over 250k a year. if I was making that much dough it wouldn’t faze me to pay more. whats 20k to a millionaire ?? chump change they spend that on a good weekend outting on their yachts but OH HELL NO when it goes to paying their fare share.

I’m in florida and voted early , lets put it this way ,with my vote "the bradley effect " won’t happen. like Mc Bush hopes! :smiley:

No, I’m not one of the rich & famous but how would you feel if they took your hard earned money and gave to some bum who lives off of the system because he’s on drugs or just too friggin lazy to work.
Sure there are those who may actually deserve it bit but there’s just as many taking advantage of the system.

danh , are you aware your already doing that right now.?? even at your wage scale? what barrack is going to do is make it posible to tax rich individuals that make millions and pay no taxes at all because of cpa’s that get paid by the rich to enable them to evade paying taxes to get over on the system. to help the less fortunate lower income (middle class) from always getting screwed on their taxes.

I wouldnt say that they dont have to pay taxes because they have expensive cpa’s that know tricks. My mom is a cpa and their are certain things that help such as giving donations to charity, goodwill and what not, however they normally pay about the same thing that everyone else pays. some may stretch the truth and what not to not to pay as much, but thats illegal and can get it up the butt if the government finds out.

Basically that has been my point all along. The rich find a way to pay as little tax as possible or they pass the expense on to us.