Double checking....someone confirm, quick connects.....

Can someone just reassure me the proper engagement for the quick connects for my air line? I cut both sections of hose to perfect lengths, and slid the hose over the collar inside the connect, and pushed the hose in firmly until it stopped. Is this all I need for proper sealing? Or do I need to do anything after the hose is seated all the way in?

Thanks. :smiley:

PTC, (push to connect)…

That be it :wink:

Yep its just that easy.

Good deal, just checking to make sure I wasn’t missing something. :wink: I have a connector a good tug after popping one line in…and it held like a champ. :slight_smile:

Someone had to do it … lol!!

lol i pretty much did the same thing when i hooked mine up, i said wow it cant be this easy xD