Drifter with new horn =)

Lexus sc400 with Outlaw 300 black horn kit :slight_smile:

the girl in the video is my wife, she loves it and we will be buying a kit for her 97 supra here shortly


ive always wondered how those horns sounded, i give u credit for the install in that small car!

welcome to the forums… i like the car but i def like the supra better is it turbo?

Yezzir 2jzgTe supra, black with black wheels (identical to mine) with an amuse front lip, and 592 (on a dyno jet) hp at the wheels

nice any more pics of the supra and wife? :smiley:

Nice vid Dont forget to enter into the hornblasters video contest!

Heres a pick of me poppin it sideways at the track

Shot of the wife, Doing a photo shoot with her in the next week or so

Heres a pic of the car before the wheels and drop with my 2 brothers, All three of us belong to the core

welcome to the forum

Nice drift… def post of pics of that shoot

Where are you from? and what have you done to your car?

God bless you and the rest of the troops, nice pics, and welcome to the forum!

Thanks all for the warm welcome, and to danH thanks for the support man, but im just doing my job =)

What have i done to my car?
Its a 1995 lexus sc400 with a 1997 front, its a ported, cammed and soon to be single rear mount turbo =) its not the inline 6 that most people think it is, its the 1uzfe v8 motor
with a built up auto tranny…i know auto sucks but 400’s didnt come in a manual… Im working on a manual swap with the Getrag supra 6spd
has tein Flex coil-overs and polyurethane bushings, nology plugs and wires
strait 2.5in exhaust header back, 10k Hids

wheres some shots of the wifes car

pretty nice selection of cars

Nice Supra!

You say you’re only doing your job but we sure are thankful!

I did my 4 years in the Air Force to avoid the Vietnam conflict but I still served this country and I appreciate all of you who do so now! The closest I got to the conflict was Thailand in 1974 (we were already pulling out at that time).

sweet supra… thats like my fav car… what part of PA ru from?

central pa

live in a Town called State college =)

do you know where PSU is?

yea i know where its at…

Yeah im back here for a while, thats where all the pics are taken from =)

Look for us in camp lajune in north Carolina here in about 4-6 months

any engine pics of the supra?
ive always wanted one…

That is one awesome looking Supra!