Driving is more fun in the Philippines

I’m just leaving this here.

A compilation of video clips from my dash cam 2012-present. Pardon the quality as it is just a cheapie I got way back.

I have three horns, stock, truck horns and the shocker XL’s with a 2gal tank. install pics and stuff

>>>Clickie Here for the video<<<

It’s on Facebook so, naturally, You’d need an account to view it. Uploading on Photobucket and changing the link if it works. The video is near the file size limit

It worked fine for me w/o any Facebook account.

You had an interesting commute today, lots of opportunities today to toot your horns.

Train horns should be required in the Philippines. The people are great but the driving sucks. I just keep my eyes closed, it is much less stress.

I don’t think that is a good idea. It is pretty noisy already with all those a-holes honking for no particular reason and then imagine all of them using train horns. Small and annoying things like honking in a traffic jam like it will magically disappear when they honk. Or the moment the light turns green some idiot honks his horn behind you.

I use mine only when the situation calls for it.

You must be banished from this community. The hornblasters bible clearly states that one must honk their horn(s) ANY TIME they see a great hornblasting opportunity or have due cause to do so under the highway code.
Guards!! Take this traitor away and off with his head!!

When I said " I use mine only when the situation calls for it."

It meant any opportunity to use the train horns. Even when that certain situation only requires the use of the stock horn. :wink: Except when coming home, since we know what could happen there.

The heck with the horns. If I had to drive around there I would require 3 Gatling guns to be mounted to my hood… clear the path for me! LoL