Droid x otter box case!

I have an extra otter box defender series case i got that i dont need as i allready have one on my X… This is brand new, unopened, unused! I paid Prime$ for mine when it first came out since i had to have it that day :sticksmack: , and now have an extra that is better than any ebay price!

First $32 gets it shipped free in the US…

I have this listed on 2 other forums also , so be sure to call dibs quick … I will update when dibs are given. Thanx

thats a deal, i have one on my iphone and its a must! someone jump on this!

i dont like how it covers the main buttons at the bottom tho

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It covers them for protection… it has raised rubberbuttons so u know what your pressing. Before I got it. I felt almost uncomfortable taking the phone out of my pocket… let alone leaning up against something… now it feels solid!

yah, its to make it where its protected, i love mine. i wouldnt have an expensive fragile phone without one, it probaly wouldnt last but a week without it for me lol

you wanna do 25 shipped ill buy it

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I cant do $25 :eek: lol… The cheapest it can be had on ebay is $35… I went below that seeing i am not paying ebay fees here… I have a guy offering to buy it on another forum but wants to pay by check … That i dont want… lol

But waiting on his response… I would rather sell it to you on here since i know you better :smiley: I’ll take $30 shipped since your not to far away… and thats the best i can do :cool:

lemme know asap as i gotta let the other guy know… and if you dont believe me and im just trying to rush you into it…

Heres the other forum of the other interested party :wink:

ok ill do 30 shipped… u do paypal?

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Paypal is the preferred way i roll :wink: i’ll pm u my addy


this comes with a belt clip too right?

Yes sir!