Droid X otterbox case

It’s here! If you have a Droid x , you probably have heard about or are waiting patiently for the otterbox case to arrive! Well i just got the email saying its here! And to make it even sweeter, type in coupon code


and you get 10% off and free shipping!


I got the defender series.

Is it hinged or what?

does it have a holster or clip??

i have a droid x and i havent been waiting for this…lol
when u get it post up some user pics…

will do

More good news for droid fans… (well any android user) THF now supports Tapatalk! You gotta buy the app but it makes forum life a breeze. Its in the market now.

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actually the app is free for users… the website has to buy it, or at least thats how it has worked for me and what i see on other sites.

well its free if u look good .

i duno but im cheap…
i just use my browser and log in that way… lol

I don’t text, surf the web, take pictures, or anything but make calls from my cell phone but I’d probably get a Droid if I did. I don’t need the extra charges for a fancy phone or fancy plans. Maybe someday if all of that stuff becomes one unlimited package and the price comes down.

your just old (fashion) dan. :slight_smile:

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hey dan hows your battery life on your current phone ///////

hahaha that phone is older then me and im 21. I think sprint has a 69.99 unlimited plan with unlimited everything. I was gonna get it but got an iphone instead

Yes Scaredu, I’m old fashion because I’m old…hahaha. I have better things to do with my time than text or surf the web on the phone.

I have a Pantec (model unknown) The phone also acts as my alarm clock which is the biggest battery drain. A battery charge last about 3 or 4 days.

My service is with Verizon because they had better reception everywhere in the country at the time I got the phone, especially here in Orange County.

I"m all busted up because I still have my OG Mot. Droid.

-And dammit, I’m not paying for another phone until there are Long Term Evolution (LTE) phone available!

Got the case today… LOVE IT!

It came with a monster size holster to clip on a belt which i wont use, but it is sweet! I took some pics to show you all.

It comes with a hard shell case with screen protector built in. Then there is the rubber case that goes over it all, with removable plugs to cover ports from water… It is not completely water proof as water can still get in from the speaker / camera / and mic holes , but if you accidentally dropped it in a puddle or something it would have a lot better of a chance surviving in this case! It is pricey but i highly recommend it!


loooks sweet…i may get it…

nice looking case to bad my provider has no decent phones.