Dual 1/2" airlines

Ok, so you guys remember me talking about how I ran dual airlines to the horns right? Finally got some pictures…

The maximum air you’ll get from a 5/8" OD (1/2" ID) is 1/2" of air line. well, if you have the right stuff… you can get more air… What’s needed, you ask.

two 1/2" ports, two 1/2" valves, 1/2" airline, and two 1/2" x 3/8" NPT fittings. oh, and you’ll need two 1/2" ports, and two 1/2" NPT x PTC fittings for the tank… essentially pushing 3/4" airlines (combining the reduced 3/8" NPT fittings on the ends of the manifold)

Now if I only had a DB meter…

Here’s some pictures…

Make much of a difference?

I ran 5/8" OD to my k3la and noticed a huge differnce…

I didn’t notice a difference, but then again it’s all I’ve had since I’ve gotten this airchime… I’d read that everyone was saying it makes a huge difference with high airflow and less PSI, so that’s what I went with… I max out at 150psi, but 3/4" air going to them… I will say, however, they are LOUD… I was about a mile away from a friends house one night and he said he could hear them clear as day.

In this case… it’s quantity over quality.

I looked into doing this with my setup but I dont see how you really make as much of a difference on a K3 because you only have about a 1/8" port into each bell.

So this being the case you can only use up so much air. Now if you can bore out the ports on each bell and in return you would benefit from the larger airlines.

I’m going to up the size of my airlines to my K5 due to there being 5bells instead of 3 and in the case of each port being roughly 1/8" that would mean I need 5/8" ID airlines.

So maybe upping the size of the airlines does make a difference but I dont really see how on a K3 that hasn’t had the ports on the bells bored out.

Guys keep in mind that flow is based on the cross sectional AREA of the airline - not the diameter.

Area = pi*r^2

5/16" = 3/16" ID = .028 sq inches
3/8" = 1/4" ID = .049 sq inches
1/2" = 3/8" ID = .111 sq inches
5/8" = 1/2" ID = .196 sq inches
3/4" = 5/8" ID(?) = .308 sq inches

Doubling the number of airlines of same diameter is 2x the area (obviously).
Doubling the ID of a single airline is always 4x the area.

BTW - n2ocharged - you’re obviously feeding them plenty of air. That’s the point right? lol

n2ocharged, this is a great opportunity for the forum. We never get a side by side test. And people’s air setups always vary so it’s never apples to apples.

So you’re running 2 solenoids. Would you be willing to disconnect one of the solenoids for a comparison? It would be a great test with all other conditions remaining the same except one or two 1/2" airlines.

Whataya think?

I agree with E2E that would be one of the best side to side comparison’s.

I would like to know how much difference there is between the two. Then i may feel all the ports with airlines on my K5:D

Yeah, I’m willing to do it… I just have to have the time to do it… and a video camera to record it…

The K5 may benefit from it more than the K3… I know that with the 2 airlines it empties the tank pretty quick…