Dual viair 480c help

I just picked up a whole k5la kit with a 12 gal tank 2 viair 480c compressors and a 200psi switch. The boy I got it from sent me a wiring diagram and I wired it exactly as he had it. My problem is the compressors won’t get me to 200psi. And. I keep blowing fuses before I get there. I have a brass “t” on one end of the tank with the pressure gauge in one side and the pressure switch on the other side of the t. Is that the problem that they are sharing pressure off the tank so they aren’t shutting off when 200psi is met and the gauge only shows 160psi

What is the fuse rating that is blowing? Is that one fuse for both compressors? What pressure is reached when the fuse pops?

30 amp and it blew both

And it gets to I think in between 160 and 180 it’s never shown over 180

If there are two 30A fuses, one for each compressor, then the issue is not the fuse.

Here is the Vivar 480C Manual, showing it draws 20A, not enough to pop the fuse.

Is the voltage drooping, perhaps due to a bad battery or bad charging?

What is the power wiring length, gauge and voltage, while the compressors are running?

It’s probably 10ft of 14 or 16 ga. I don’t have a meter with me so I can’t see how much

It also is taking a good while to pump the tank up

The instructions state to use a minimum of 8 AWG, so there might be insufficient voltage / excessive current.

Would I be fine with 6 ga to a 3 way then split to 8 ga to each relay?

Yea that should be OK. Just make sure you also run same sort of gauge for your ground wires as well.

Before you start experimenting too much though, go see someone who has a clamp meter to see what your compressors are running at. Specs say 40A is max draw for the dual 480’s.

I ran 6ga from the batter split it to 8ga to each relay for each compressor and did the same for the grounds. All works well no fuses blowing gets 200psi easy. Thanks guys.