dumb question

alright i got my new 480c compressor and it came with a pressure switch that turns on at 165psi and shuts off at 200psi.but my prob is im running k5’s and only wanna run around 150psi max!so what do i do??

u need u get a new presure switch thats stops at 150 psi hornblasters have them

or trade me compressors and pressure switches. lol.

or you can put a regulator on the air line. they sell them at home depot

regulator is the best way to go that way you can still have 200 in the tank but only 150 to the horns

i would rec. a pressure switch…that way you can still honk your other horns at 200 psi…in the future…

i’ll still be able to run any psi i want in the future with a regualtor so i think im just going to do that since i should never have to get a pressure switch when i wanna switch psi i can just change my regulator

take a pic of it installed if you can. this is something i am going to be looking into doing down the road.

depending on the size of regulator, you might restrict the airflow and make it sound weak…

isnt that the point? to restrict air flow from 200 p.s.i. down to 150? or am i misunderstanding what your saying?

it’s something like this:

if you have a 1/2" line, 200psi system and a regulator with 1/4" orifice, you’re restricting flow rate to like having a 150psi system with 1/4" line…

a 150psi system with 1/2" line would be louder.

but it depends on how much air the horn needs…

You may be reducing the air pressure, but you may be reducing the volume as well. These don’t need more then 130 psi, but they need volume.

I personally think you should just change the switch.


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