Dumb Question

Ok you guys might laugh your heads off at this but what all wires do you have to run to a horn kit besides the compressor?

My setup

Main Circuit:

Battery (+) to Inline Fuse to Pressure Switch (+)
Pressure switch control (+) to Compressor
Pressure switch (-) to ground
Compressor (-) to ground

Secondary control circuit:

12V(+) to ON/OFF switch (Used the radio’s constant power wire)
ON/OFF switch(Controlled side) to Pressure Switch trigger
ON/OFF switch(Controlled side) to Momentary Push Button
Momentary Push Button to Solenoid Valve (+)
Solenoid Valve (-) to ground

I don’t think I forgot anything. But that’s the way mine is setup. I can put the system ON or OFF with the hidden switch, that way if the cops pull me over and ask me to push the little button, it won’t do anything. And that way the compressor won’t start in the middle of the night. But I can still flip it on and blast the horns when the car is shut off.

Soon I’ll put an other hidden switch to activate the solenoid valve with my regular horn. :smiley:

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Thanks thats more complicated than i thought but i guess thats not to bad for what you get. You guys know what ur talkin bout

Dont worry, Its not that hard.