Earth Hour

Anyone doing it?…earth-hour.html

i wont be home so yes lol

i will be.

Missed it so I probably didn’t.

(global warming, they’re blowing it out of proportion even though we are contributing. A valcano puts more crud into the atmospere in 1 eruption than we do in a year and it helps block sunlight and cools the earth)

:o same

Its the thought that counts right?

I didn’t do it on purpose…

More power = more coal
more coal = more trains
more trains = more work
more work = more $$$

^^ the smartguy theory ^^ ha

Just like those e-mails asking us to boycott Mobil gas for one day. Like that will ever work…hahahaha.

haha yep

Earth what?

its over. forget about it Patrick haha

(insert cricket chirps here) ah hahaha

Yeah I will, Patrick hahah Global what? Climate who? Yeah we don’t have those in Canada…

I must have missed it while cooking steaks on a bed of 120-watt lightbulbs…

The steak was awesome though!

mmmm steak does sound good. haha