Easy Compressor Wiring - NO RELAY

No magic here, but I found a good switch w/ either a built in relay, or high quality metals.

10 guage wire from (+) battery, to this switch:

From that switch, to the compressor’s (+) wires.

From the compressor back to the battery, or any ground.

Only real trick here is using that switch, linked above. NOT ALL RADIO SHACKS HAVE IT, IF YOU HAVE TIME ORDER ONLINE. I HAD TO VISIT 3 STORES TO FIND IT.

I would still use a relay

You need a pressure switch…

Please do not use a toggle switch with any VIAIR compressor as the sole means to power the pump(s). The switch can burn out if you’re loading it with too much power, you should still use a relay to keep that from happening.

Agreed, ALWAYS use a pressure switch to turn the compressor on and off. Use a relay and a toggle to turn power to the relay off, which cuts power to the compressor using LOW AMP DRAW.

Pressurizing an air tank beyond its rating can end with a catastrophic failure… Especially if the tank is old and has been compromised internally due to rust.

-Aluminum tanks are another item I don’t recommend since they’re not malleable like steel and tend to turn into shrapnel if/when they experience a


hm, i was thinking of getting an aluminum tank for my next since it wont rust… maybe not

get a stainless tank baby! no rust there!

I followed your advice and bought a relay + pressure switch, I’ll probably install all of this soon.

I’m still going to use that switch though, it looks very cool compared to those 3amp push button switches.

Its not a problem, as long as you’re using the switch to turn the relay on, which in turn powers the pressure switch.

Speaking of relays, does anyone know of a better relay than the ones provided with the viair pump install kits.what I have is a dual pump dual relay set-up and one of the relays from time to time will stick,what happens next is pissing me off badly. smack the relay it behaves itself for a month or better then out of no where it sticks and cuses the 60amp fuse box to overheat to the point that the fuse melts and you have to pry the cover off the block and change the block and fuse both as a new unit. :mad:

ah hopefully someone knows because im going to pick up a viar 380 this weekend and am setting everything up pretty soon

on my mothers trailblazer i installed the dual viair 450s with dual 80 amp relays…they work awesome…VIAIR SELLS THEM…or any RADIOSHACK

If the fuse box is getting that hot then it sounds like you’re using the wrong amp fuse.

I’ve had great luck with bosch relays

What? Thats horrible! What apmerage fuses and wire guage are you using? Something is not right. BTW if a relay is sticking you are probily putting too many amps thru it.

Excellent equipment!

i just hardwired everything of mine and got a pressure guage runnin inbetween my seats so i can see what psi im at,much rather hav it this way than a pressure switch

Does it work… yes… Does it make your warranty go bye bye… yes…

why not just have a pressure switch?

how they gonna know if you used a pressure switch or regular switch??and because this way i can run w/e psi i want and not worry about getting a new pressure switch

When the compressor is sent in for warranty inspection and the intake valve is completely shot after 3-5 months, and the piston seal is completely worn out - then something is amiss. You can tell if a compressor has been continuously operated past its rated duty cycle.

When seals are blown out because of over pressure operation, that’s not something that is covered by warranty. Its considered abuse.

Its your prerogative to do whatever you want with the compressors, but its up to the company who built them to cover them depending on their condition.