ebay prices

Is there any cons to buying a kit from ebay. Seems they are cheaper than buying from any internet dealer. Looking at the k5la kit.

Its very easy to get a set that has seized bolts, worn diaphrams, or bad stress cracks. If your handy then get a set from there. If not and want a good set, obviosly go H.B. or there are a few others of us here who sell as well. Make sure you see good feedback, and ask for lots O’ pics.

x2, couldnt have said it better myself

Are you talkng about a kit with air management as well or just a horn? I can hook you up with several reliable Ebay sellers I know who will cut you a good deal on a K5LA (without compressors and tanks of course).

You can definetly go to ebay…but when cheaper, make sure the cheapness isn’t because they are skimping on things included, and if the tank and compressor are the same quality…a lot of the time the kits for cheaper will have small POS compressors on a 3/5 gallon tank

Just be careful on ebay cause some people sale stolen equimpent.