Electric & manual valve to same horn?

Hey all. I was thinking is it possible to run both an electric valve and manual valve to the same horn. Currently I have Hornblasters shocker (4 horns) setup with a 5 gal tank… I was thinking I could run a manual valve so I can get the train horn sound from the horn… Right now, with the electric valve I’m just getting 150psi of pure loudness … which is great for scaring people or a warning device…

I drew up a diagram… tell me what you guys think…

In theory it should work. To save on air line try moving each tee fitting closer to the valves.

Ok i understand what your saying… I made a new picture…
What was thinking was running my manual valve next to my driver seat in between the seat and the consul… there isnt MUCH soon, it will be a tight fit to put my hand down there and grab it… does anyone else have any other suggestions on where to put it… Id love to put it in the ceiling, but I dont want to replace the head liner… Plus, if I go next to the seat, I would planning on drilling a hole under the seats and thats how I was going to enter the cab.

Also, is this valve any good? does this have the 2 stages?


forgot the pic… sorry

Yea that will all work OK. I’ve got both manual and electric valves running on my Airchime setup (check my sig for photo and schematic links).

The valve will be fine. Looks like a Graham White clone like Hornblasters sells, except good ol’ HB sells it 10 bucks cheaper than the one on ebay :).

If you want to read or find out more about the difference between the genuine GW and clone valves you can have a read of this here:

Sounds great… thanks for the replies. I just order the handle. Sometimes I hate ordering from hornblasters because of the shipping is ALWAYS 10+ plus. I order a few stickers one time, 11 dollars shipping. I paid more in shipping than the items itself. haha! But its okay I guess.

I found some DOT 1/2 airline for .52 cent a foot. So I will be ordering that tomorrow and a few T’s. I like to use the push button fittings like what horn blaster gives you with their kits. It such a pain to find them around here, and they are $$$. I found some online for cheap though… All my hard ware stores have around here are compression fittings or barbs.