electric selenoid

I got my buddy one of those electric selenoids from www.iowa80.com and it wont work with 150 psi in the tank does anyone think that it will only push a certain psi?

the air pressure has nothing to do with the solenoid not working have you got good power to the valve? have heard of minor corrosion in the barrel of the valve rendering it unable to move when energized. that’s why I change to a graham white manual air valve,don’t need power to honk my K5 !! :smiley:

What is the solenoid rated for? If it is rated for 120psi it won’t open if you’re pushing 150psi or more. Or, you might not have it wired correctly; but seeing that you have two K5LA’s, I doubt that’s the problem… You did help your buddy install it, right?

yea I installed it for him and all the wiring is correct but I think it is only rated for 120psi because it will open at that pressure but not 150. Thanks for the answer

yeah solenoid valve do have a pressure rating wich may cause it not to work

SMC solenoid…

or air lift

smc is better…lol



SMC is rated at 217 psi, air lifts are rated at 300 psi :smiley:

na na nana na NA!!

yea but whos pushin out 300psi on a horn?!?!

That would be a great idea to push 300 psi lol

go for it! let me know how that sounds…lol

probably like crap. lol you never know tho. Get a vid if you do I want to see.