electrical stupid...need help

hey guys i just got my train horns from hornblaster and just planning everything out and fabricated brackets and whatnot till i get them on christmas, but im stupid with electrical stuff and i just wanna know if anyone can tell me if im on the right track. i want my compressor to be on a keyed source so it will only work when key is turned on and work on a toggle switch so i could shut it on/off if i want, then i want my train horns to work just on a regular push button in the cab, now this is what i came up with let me know if im totally wrong or what if im wrong let me know what i need to fix.

Pressure Switch (blue wire)–>Toggle Switch–>Keyed Source


Pressure Switch(red wire)–>Push Button–>Fuse–>Battery

Any advise is appreicated

First part is right, the second isn’t.

The purpose of the pressure switch is just to tell the compressor to turn off or on so you have air in the tank. I have mine wired the same way so that I can turn off the compressor when I don’t need it, or need some stealth so everyone doesn’t look at me when the compressor starts up.

Then you need a separate circuit to operate the electric valve (push button) to get air to the horns.

Keyed power —> push button in cab ----> electric valve for horn.


ohhhh alright so the red wire on the pressure switch just goes straight to the battery, and one of the wires on the valve is a positive and negative, obv ground the negative and then the other one goes to my battery but a push button in between. Where does the fuse go, pressure switch to battery or valve to battery ?


Haha - only way to repay for help around here is to post pics of install…lol

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There should be a fuse that comes with the compressor for main power from battery. There isn’t a need for a fuse with the push button and off/on switch since if there is a problem you simply turn it off, but some folks like to put one in anyways for safety.

You can get a power distribution block from most automotive stores (Napa, PepBoys, AutoZone, etc.; tell them what you’re doing and they’ll help you) and then have your own fused power source so that it doesn’t interfere with the main electrical system for your vehicle.


Thanks for the help MarineOne !! I get the compressor off my girlfriend for Christmas then installing that day or day after, so come back to this thread and I’ll be throwing up pictures of the install.

Thanks again !!