Email notifications

Hi, can anyone, when you have a spare minute, just check through all my settings please. For some reason my email notifications have stopped coming to me???

I have my blackberry linked to my email address and have found it in valuable for acting on reported posts that come in!

The last email notifcation i recieved was on the 18th of march.

I have had a quick look but I may have missed a check box or something??

Anyone??? Thanks


Thanks for the notice! Unfortunately the email server won’t be up again for a few more days… You should resume receiving emails as soon as it is.

Thanks matey :):smiley:

Errrrmmmmmmm still nothing???:confused: :confused:

Have you checked your options under the quick links pull down menu? Use edit options to view and make changes. I set mine for weekly notifications and haven’t received an e-mail in a long time. I think I don’t get them because I check my User CP just about every day