Emergency Horns Illegal?

I’m thinking about getting a Grover Emergency Stuttertone horn for my car and was wondering if it’s illegal?

Thanks a lot

first it would depend on local laws in most cases…


Its definately illegal unless you have an emergency vehicle that you are putting it on AND using it when responding to a call.

Dont mean to be coming down harsh but certain horns are for certain vehicles… Sure train horns are not meant to go on vehicles but its more of a novelty thing… When you get into putting a stuttertone horn or PA with siren, that gets into the whole impersinating an officer thing which is a road you dont want to go down

riiight ok yeah I don’t think I’ll be going down that road then. Thanks a lot ima go with some semi horns :smiley:

Go with one of the shocker kits (4 horn black trumpets) thats what i got and i love em… still not the most leagal if you sound them by a cop ,but will keep the novelty thing…

any air horn is technically illegal on a car, but oh well…lol

just dont get caught riding dirty… lol

Having a grover emergency stuttertone on your vehicle is not illegal, if this was so why would hadley sale stuttertone horns and mount them on there rv’s. ? I have 2 stuttertones on my vehicle

It might not be illegal in Texas but it is here. If the vehicle is a certain size, it can have one for highway use, otherwise no to any air horns on a car/truck here.

All I can tell you is check your local laws.

well said ^

yep check your local laws…


Even if it replaces the standard horn and isn’t any louder?

This is not true…

Having a horn meant for emergency signalling is the whole point of having a horn in the first place.

The first signaling horns on automobiles were air horns… you had to squeeze a bulb to honk it.

As long as the horn is rated at a lower decibel rating than the maximum allowable by law in your city, town, county, state, etc. - you are operating within the limits of the law and therefore are legal.

Even a K5LA, when regulated - could be operated legally I suppose.
With what? 25-30 PSI?

LOL !!!

yea only one bell on a k5 at 30psi will be under the db rating…lol
FL law states no car shall emit a loud or harsh tone, that makes me screwed lol all my horns have drilled out passages to make them louder
even semis have 2 horns now, a car style horn and an air horn to use on highways