Enclosed truck bed horn mounting

I’m waiting on my first set of horns to arrive. I’ve got a fairly new 2017 F250 Super Duty with a bed cover and I was thinking of mounting everything including the K-5UL’s horns in the bed. I realize the covered bed is going to reduce the affects of the horns but I can’t bring myself to mount the horns underneath. How many of you have mounted horns inside an enclosed truck bed?

I had a setup in the bed of my 97 Ram short bed. I built a 2x6 wood floor over the front half of the bed and mounted the horns on a quick change fitting bolted to the wood. I used a nitrogen tank setup with a 5 gallon tank instead of a compressor. Sound was less with the tonneau cover down, and much better with the cover folded back.

I had my K5 in the bed for a summer. It’s covered with an aluminum roll-up style tonneau cover. It’s pretty loud with the cover shut, but not even close to when the cover was open. My cover has the ability to lock open at different points, so I would open it 18" with the horns near the back. It was enough of a difference that I opened that cover every single time I drove anywhere - even to the gas station. You never know when you’ll need it at full strength!