England out of the World Cup! (Again)

Not really a footy fan as such, only when the World Cup is on do I sit and watch the football. All the hype is over now and all the flags across the UK are being taken down again and many a discussion in a typical greasy cafe about how crap England played is about to start…

Yeah well … join the club. Not like we fared any better :rolleyes:

I’m not footy fan either but the World Cup is special and the upsets are amazing this year. Spain is another shocker as is the US beating Ghana.

Dan, your right mate, for me The Ghana v Germany was the best game I’ve watched so far:)

And I love the Ghanaian dance, proper cool:D


The only good thing about watching the Cup back home in the States is I don’t have to worry about the celebratory fire I experienced while in Iraq :slight_smile:

Those guys would get crazy with shooting their AK’s … LOL!

Stuff that MO, first sniff of a gun & I’d be running like a rabbit! Lol

We had Mexico fans in the streets all night after they won. They started getting out of hand and 13 got arrested. Soccer fans are crazy enough without the World Cup…hahaha

LOL! If you ever visit the States let me know … we’ll take you out to the range and I’ll let you shoot some pieces from my personal armory!

Ha ha cheers MO that’d be pretty scary but awesome at the same time:D

I will come across that pond one day:D