Anyone else here from the UK?

I can’t believe you haven’t gotten even 1 response from there.

there are people from England. I dont remember who tho

lol… there will be more signing up shortly, you watch, I’m wh*ring the car shows this year… Everyone I seem to talk to says to me " dude I gotta get me some of them bad boy horns"…

you know where to send em…Hornblasters!

They will come…trust me…lol…lol

me me me.im from the uk,ur not the only 1 lol
we need to get more people getting hornblaster kits.
time to post up links on ye’old facebook me thinks lol

“If you build it, they will come”…lol

Yea at bloody last!!! scruff man, where you from? Tell me more!!!

im from sunny plymouth down in the south west.
shame that theres such a distance between us or else we cud have had the 1st uk hornblaster meet,well we still cud but wud probally be best to meet at a show.ill be going trax most probally and only a few local shows but thats it.
u got any scare vids of the shockers yet? there awsome horns.
i was looking into the knog mk2’s but after hearing ur and the price i mite get a set to,there awsome :smiley: sorry for copying u if i do get them lol

Dude…hey…plymouth…thats where the girl in my fotoshoot pics comes from.

I’m defo up for a meet… wicked

As for scare vids, I got a couple on you tube, but that woz with the old Seige III horns…(They were loud, but compared to the S4’s they were a major fail!)… Were filming stuff at the moment… you will be surprised at how much you need to film to get a decent collection of scares.

Mate…Dont be silly, order them S4’s as soon as possible, you seriously wont regret it!!! (be warned though, budget for the import duty, cost me another 80quid:(…) but once over the shock of that, I was happy as a pig in sh*t!!!:D:D:D:D

Hope to catch up with you at Trax then?:wink:

I’m up here in north london, if ya ever up this way, gis a shout!

hey iv just joing im from england too! is there any good places in the uk to buy horn kits or are you best ordering from the us? pm me if you like

www.hornblasters.com ur best choice

Hey fella, firstly welcome to HornBlasters.
There is nothing at all in the UK that is remotely like the stuff Hornblasters sell. I.ve replied to your PM. Where abouts in london are you? I could possibly meet up with you and show you my setup. Thats if you aint seen it a trillion times on here already lol lol lol.
But if your really interested in getting some horns, then we need to talk.

Welcome Jox