Escort 8500 X50 Blue Radar Detector

Here’s my Escort 8500 X50 Blue Radar Detector. It works flawlessly. It’s one of the best Detectors out there. It blew my Friends V1 off the Windshield in Back-To-Back Tests, by himself and I. The only reason I’m selling it is because I just bought the new 9500ix.

There isn’t 1 Scratch or Nick on it. Looks Brand New, and comes from a Non-Smoking Vehicle.

Looking to get $225/shipped.

What do we got, a bunch of People that don’t Speed or People that like getting Tickets here? :slight_smile:

They have radar detector detectors here… I would if I could

It’s got VG-2 Immunity. They won’t be able to tell you have it. :wink:

unless they see it lol… i have a cheap cobra i think it is? its saved me a couple times

That’s true. But I took a Road Trip last November down to FL from NY. And in DC and Virginia they are Illegal, so I just took it off the Windshield and put it in the Pocket Below my Radio, and it worked just as good as it being in the Window.

Does it only sense when they have the radar gun on. Or will it sense when the bastards are driving around too.I want to make sure none of those sneaky bastards sneak up behind me or are creeping in front of me on the highway or side streets

It only Works when the Gun is on, but it picks them up from FAR away.

There is no way of picking up a Cop if the Gun isn’t on.

Oh damn. See im worried cuz i got a ticket on the lie and there are just tons of unmarked and regular cars driving around. im more worried about that then speeding.

Would u maybe be interested in trading it for my d-3? I just want to see if anyone wants to do the other trade first…

Nah, no Trades.

Haha. I have a cobra too. Actually, it saved me around an hour and a half ago. I was racing my friend and that bad boy warned me before I flew by the cop :cool:

Found the Case & Box for this now, so it will be included.


that was fast

Been trying to Sell it since Feb.

ooooh so not thats fast then lol