we need to get more people active in this forum, and get the guests to register an help spread the word. sure we will probably get a few people who dont agree with us but that still gets the word out! haha plus all of you post whores can get more posts and get that user title you’ve been looking for! haha

with 333 registered members, you’d think more than 112 would be active.

yeah thats what i was thinking too.

Thats how it is with most forums… I agree with you all. but from what I can tell we have certainly improved the number of users from back in aug/sept when I joined, that includes both active and non active members.

i advertise hornblasters and the forum all the time… only problem is, its not car show season anymore…

yeah we have a few coming up here in detroit. autorama march 6th thru 9th i think. but thats still a few months away.

Show season is done for you… LOL we just had one of the biggest shows in the southeast this past weekend. and also have another small one this weekend and then it sparks back up in February! :wink:

must be nice rigo…lol

gotta love FL wintertime :slight_smile: just went to a car show down in Dade, about 400+ cars there

That it is!

i wish it was like that up here in michigan it is down to low 20s today!

I would advertise more if I had my horns and pa back in my truck :slight_smile:
Maybe even a litttle bit of music Anyway I did mention this forum to a few people at work just today

Woody whats the excuse for my radio you had 4 days off, I might have to cook dinner for Scaredu if you don’t hurry up!!!

Way to go Woody’s Mom…lol

haha yeah yeah yeah

I love me some home cook dinner!
And some breakfast too!

thats not all you’d like


scaredu likes sausage for breakfast… and by your avatar I believe you like sausage too HAHA

For u twist

I believe it is supposed to read “he loves the COOK” but it was a misspell haha