Evo with train horns.

Been lurking for awhile, figured it was time to say hi. Bought my first set of buells from hornblasters about 3 years ago. Loved them, but I needed the real thing. Plus no one had k3la’s on a evo. Once I was finnally able to get a k3la the HornBlasters’s went on my mothers car. She has been loving them to date.

Here is my first vids with the HornBlasters’s. All my vids are nothing great, but still have some good points.

First made the the vid section.

Second of the buells. Sucky vid but shows how I mounted them.

Here is my first vid of the k3la’s.

Someone who thought 3 chrome horns were better than a set of K3’s.

Last vid of the k3’s.

I think I finnally have some good ideas that no has done before for more vids. The blasting cabinet with horns is a good deal of fun. Plus I have a remote valve turn on in the bathroom.
Click images.

So finnally after all these years I have been finnally able to get more sets. Here was my first set I powder coated.

So thats my introduction.

Nice and welcome!

Lol welcome >>> ive seen ur vids before

welcome to the forum. does an evo have a place to mount those?

lol probably about a year ago my roommate and I saw your evo on youtube and that finally set me over to the edge of getting my horns. glad to meet you and welcome to the forum

glad to see u joined farmer! seen ur videos on youtube for years, they are great!

Niceee… Welcome

Thanks guys. I ended up mounting a k3 set individually. Took me roughly 2 days to mount the damn things under there. #1 bell was a *****. There was nothing that was going to stop me from doing it. Plus I did it without cutting anything. My wanting for a k5 for so many years has now turned into 14 various sets. The money I got back out of the car with all the parts I put into got me the horns, sand blasting setup, and powder coating setup. I replaced my car hobby with train horns. Do what you love and youll never work a day in your life.

Since I have no vehicle yet to put horns on I have to get creative. Train horns in cabinets is fun. Im currently setting up a easy button to remotely set off horns.

anyone that horn crazy is going to be a good addition to this forum

Thank you sir. Like most here I have a few issues.

ya i think he lives in pa by me… not sure tho…

anyway im working on a set up right now with an alarm clock… for a nice wake up call mounted under my womans bed… has to be a night i dont stay there haha

That wiill work quite well. I have so much fun with k3 a 2 gallon tank, and a remote to activate the valve. Im up here in clarks summit.