Excitement of a new horn.

before i knew of hornblasters i had bought a chrome 3 horn set from atruck stop
we had no air tank so we hooked it up and were useing a 20lb co2 tank for the air supply worked great but the tanks had to be standing up anyway we get it all hooked up and drive around the corner to this ghetto oven shopping center and blow it at a pizza hut with the excitement of having the new horn me and my friend were both looking back to see what kind of reactions happened, while looking back i didnt see that i was turning towards a 8 inch round concrete pole i ended up hitting the pole dead on with my tire knocking it out of the ground and then running over it it hit hard enough i we hit our head on the roof of the truck and i thought i had totalted the sside of my truck… LUCKY all it ended up doing to the truck was knocking it out of alignment. anyway just a reminder to alway pay attention while blasting your horn! lol

LOL!!! thats funny! Kinda like instant karma…lol

Wow glad to hear no one got hurt but that does sound pretty funny!